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A quartz banger is the most commonly used type of dab nail in the process of dabbing, which involves consuming concentrates. These bangers are made from high-quality quartz crystal and are heated to a high temperature, usually using a butane torch. Once heated, a small amount of concentrate is applied to the banger and vaporized after allowing it to cool significantly. Typically, a banger consists of three parts: the joint, neck, and bucket. The neck connects the bucket to the joint, and the size of the bucket can vary. While the 14mm joint is the most popular, there are other sizes available, so it is important to choose one that is compatible with your setup.

Quartz bangers offer numerous advantages that contribute to their widespread popularity as the preferred choice for dab nails:
1. Enhanced Flavor: Quartz bangers excel in preserving the flavor of your concentrates, ensuring a delightful and pure taste.
2. Rapid Heating: Compared to alternative dab nails, quartz bangers heat up swiftly, allowing you to enjoy your dabs without unnecessary waiting time. Additionally, their high heat tolerance enhances their durability.
3. Aesthetic Appeal: Quartz bangers seamlessly complement glass dab rigs, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Their sleek and elegant design surpasses that of titanium or ceramic bangers.
4. Widely Available: As the most popular type of dab nail, quartz bangers are easily accessible, making them a convenient choice for dab enthusiasts.
Looking for a guide on how to utilize a quartz banger?
Look no further! To begin, prepare your dab rig by filling it with water, seasoning your fresh quartz banger, and getting your concentrate ready. Next, use a dab torch to heat up the banger and allow it to cool down. Using a dab tool, place your concentrate into the bucket of the banger. As you dab the concentrate onto the hot banger, inhale the vapor it produces. To maintain the heat and control the airflow, cover the banger with a carb cap. Finally, exhale and savor the experience!

There are many different quartz bangers on the market, so it’s important to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use flat-top banger, a heat-changing thermal burner, or a complex terp slurpper, each one has its own unique features that will enhance your dabbing session. The first thing to consider is whether you need a male or a female joint, and the joint sizes you’ll need. Common joint sizes for quartz bangers are 10 mm, 14 mm, and 18 mm. Selecting the right quartz banger for your rig will depend on the size of the bucket you’re using. Larger buckets have a larger surface area, which allows for more evenly distributed vaporization. For thicker buckets, you’ll want to opt for a banger with a thicker base to ensure better heat retention. The most common bangers with a thicker base are 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4.

How To Season A Quartz Banger

Just like a new guitar needs tuning, your quartz banger requires seasoning before it can take the stage. To do this, heat the banger until it glows a soft red and let it cool for about a minute. Then, apply a small amount of low-quality concentrate (yes, low-quality – this is the soundcheck, not the real performance) to the side of the banger. Swirl it around with a dabber and repeat until the banger is nicely seasoned. 

This seasoning process can help remove manufacturing residue and prevent the quartz from being exposed to direct heat, which avoids a process called devitrification. More importantly, seasoning infuses a delicate carbon layer on your quartz banger, amplifying those delicious concentrate flavors. Talk about a ‘seasoned’ taste.  

Your crystal banger needs to be seasoned before it can hit the stage, just like a new guitar needs to be tuned. This can be achieved by heating the banger until it glows a faint red, then letting it cool for a minute or so. Next, dab on the side of the banger a tiny bit of cheap concentrate (yep, cheap; this is just a soundcheck, not the actual show). Using a dabber, swirl it around and continue until the banger is well-seasoned.

By shielding the quartz from direct heat and removing manufacturing debris, this seasoning procedure helps stop the quartz from going through a process known as devitrification. More significantly, seasoning intensifies the mouthwatering concentration flavors by adding a light carbon coating to your crystal banger. What a "seasoned" taste that is.

What is the difference between male and female bangers?

The difference is the tip that goes onto or into the joint of the dab rig. Female bangers have a flaring bottom that looks like a lampshade and covers the surface of a male joint.

Male bangers will have a narrow, tapered end to insert into a female joint.


Beaker Bongs derive their name from their shape, reminiscent of laboratory containers like Erlenmeyer flasks. However, their design is not just for aesthetics - Beaker Base Bongs are crafted for optimal performance and functionality. Beaker Bongs can range from simple to intricate designs, featuring various add-ons and accessories. Our selection includes classic Beaker Bongs as well as elaborate pieces with ash catchers, ice catchers, and a variety of percolators. Factors to keep in mind when purchasing a Beaker Bong When buying a Beaker Bong, it's important to conduct some research to ensure you're investing in a top-quality product. Here are some key considerations to make when selecting your new Beaker Bong:

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